In collaboration with Eurotech Renewables Ltd Castleview Homes can offer advanced heat pump technology to create outstanding results both in domestic and commercial projects.


Ireland is one of the most suitable climates in the world to benefit from the use of heat pumps in either: flat Geothermal, Water to Water using a well or taking the heat from the atmosphere using a Horizontal Split Evaporator. The benefits of this technology have grown each year over the past 10 years due to the constant increase in Oil and Gas Heating fuel. At the present time a heat pump which is well designed for a precise project has the capability of producing heat and hot water at less than one quarter the price realised when using a boiler. On special projects the cost can be as low as 15% of that required when using Oil or Gas.

Eurotech have over the past 15 years installed Geothermal, Airthermal & Hydrothermal systems for Farmvale and Castleview Homes. This decision was driven by a commitment from Aidan Ryan to deliver, as part of his construction package, the lowest possible running cost for heat and hot water to the client. In one project a Geothermal and Hydrothermal system were combined to provide heat and hot water to a 90,000ft² building, which had the capacity at the time of installation to create savings of €6,500 per year. That same system is now creating savings of €16,000 per year, due to the increases in Oil prices over the past 10 years. On another project where a Geothermal system was fitted to a 3,000ft² house, the total bill for electricity for the year, including the heating and hot water was only €1,900 in 2010 for the coldest winter on record. In this case the cost of running the heating system was only €800. As energy prices increase, savings created by this heat pump will continue to grow. At the present time the additional investment required to install a heat pump, rather than an oil boiler and solar panels, is saved by the heat pump in just two years. It is a perfect opportunity for people with high energy bills to revert back to low running costs.

In all of the heat pump installations which Eurotech have fitted on Castleview Homes’ projects, there was a huge emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint of the house, as well as reducing the running cost. This reduction in carbon gives the house a higher energy rating and as a result, Castleview Homes are now offering their customers the opportunity to build an “A” rated house using the traditional block build, and at the same time experiencing little or no increase in the overall building project cost. This is a huge opportunity for those who are intending to build a new property to future proof the house against rising energy cost forever. The Eurotech system employed by Castleview Homes which includes Ochsner heat pump technology has the potential to become 100% cost free due to its design features, as the system can be fully supported by wind or photovoltaic energy. Eurotech have already systems in operation which are both carbon neutral and free of running costs while at the time of installation they were depending on their primary energy from the grid. The latest Ochsner system uses heat energy from the atmosphere and requires no civil work as the system can capture all of the heat and hot water from a specially developed collector first tested in Ireland in 2005 to take advantage of our mild humid climate. Since then over 1,000 of these units have been fitted and operate beyond customers expectations delivering even lower running costs than Geothermal Collectors.

Castleview Homes have a broad experience of all Eurotech technologies and as a result offer these technologies to their customers. We have included a number of images from Castleview Homes’ projects to help demonstrate the feasibility of renewables as well as the obvious advantages.