Although this back garden was extensively paved the owners were tired of the existing paving design. It was a run down area with a color scheme that did not complement the house or surrounding garden.

The owners of the garden called on the professional paving services of Lakeside Landscaping.

Existing Patio Before Rework

The existing Patio had little design or flow. It served a propose but wasn’t very inspiring.The owners needed a revamp that would be easily maintained but yet suit the site conditions.

A Patio can be the most important functional aspect of your outdoor living area.

During the Redesign

We completely removed the existing patio including the base. We used a new membrane underneath to guarantee no weed growth

We then began the extensive work of laying out the new design piece by piece. This included a new sub base,screed and sand level needed for an accurate water level.

Completed Design by Lakeside Landscaping

The completed design by Lakeside Landscaping subtlety yet effectively transforms the back garden.
By creating flowing oval sections the garden and patio area blend seamlessly into one.

Virtually maintenance free this back garden is transformed into a courtyard with a vast array of large planted areas that provide plenty of seasonal interest set on the natural stone paving.